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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 10, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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i am bill o'reilly we hope to see you again next time. the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: truth the 2008 campaign and the first year of the obama administration we have gotten to know these faces very well. david axelrod, robert gibbs, valerie jarrett and rahm emanuel. they comprise the president's inner circle. increasingly democrats seem unhappy about that and they are starting to rebell against the president's inner circle. the latest voice is former virginia governor douglas wilder. the first african-american governor in the nation's history in an article that appeared today on he writes: obama's west wing is filled with peopl@zp who arebó jobs because of their chicago connections6 or because they signed on with obama early campaign. our problem is, they do not have sufficient experience at governing at the?uk
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branch 5-8i. the deeper problemfs!, they are not listening to the people. wilder's sentiments echoed by congressional democrats who this week pointed the finger for the collapse of health care reform. with democrats turning again the president's closest advisers will president obama shake things up? joining me with analysis a man who knows more than a little about the man in the oval office, arizona senator john mccain. welcome back. >> thanks sean. thanks for having me on the phone. i'm snowbound and going crazy. hey, i think about those old trappers that used to winter over, i don't know how they did it. >> sean: i don't know either. i guess global warming kept you out of the studio tonight. glad you can be with us on the phone. the drudge report, i was looking at my notes apparently "the new york times" tomorrow
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is going to blame global warming on the record snows in d.c. and philly. do you agree with that analysis? >> absolutely, i think they made some movie that showed earth was going to freeze over as a result of global warming. i never understood that but i didn't stan high in my naval academy class. by the way, back to the people around the president. i don't know the president picks the people closest to him. but i can tell you mr. brennan in my view has lost all ability to affect events or to be relevant when he accuses those of us who are critical of the handling of the christmas bomber of helping al-qaeda. that's beyond anvzz÷ outrage. and it's an insult. they mishandled it badly land for them to somehow say that -- when we carry out our duties i'm a member of the homeland security committee
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which asked the three leaders of the intelligence community if they had been consulted when the christmas bomber was given his miranda rights and they said no. that's mishandling. mr. brennan's response is to accuse us of helping al-qaeda, a new low >> sean: his line was politically motivated criticisms and unfounded fear mongering only serve the goals of al-qaeda. i interpret that as those of us that have been critical of the fact that we didn't interrogate this guy are aiding and abetting. is that your interpretation? >> i don't know how you can interpret it any other way. the fact is we have our responsibilities as well. one of mine, besides being on the armed services committee, is on the homeland security committee. they came as witnesses. they were asked not mr. brennan, see he will go on television. he will write columns and editorials in u.s.a. today, but he won't appear before
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congress. because he's the president's counter terrorism adviser. but the three, the director of homeland security, janet napolitano, the head of the counter terrorism center and the director of national intelligence, all three, when i asked, were you consulted before the christmas bomber was given miranda rights? all three said no. inexcusable they were not consulted. >> sean: senator there's a poll that shows that a landslide majority of americans oppose obama's terrorism policies. it leads to this question, i'd like to get you on record on this, i wonder, what orders president obama has given holder as it relates to the capture of the next terrorist? >> i don't know. >> sean: what should they be? >> they should be that no one should -- anyone captured
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after careful and quick review by this elite interrogation organization, which by the way, has not been formed up yet, if the determination is made that this is an enemy combatant that person, that individual, should go to a military tribunal. should never receive miranda rights and should not receive the right -- the cons al rights after american citizen. -- constitutional rights after american citizen. we are working on legislation to make that a reality. >> sean: we are going to show a tape later, we know in one speech president obama referred to navy corp man as corpsman. there was so much made of your running mate governor palin she had several words on her hand before giving a speech. i wanted your thoughts on the double standard? >> i guess it is okay to use a teleprompter but not okay to
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write something on your hand. hysteria of the attackers is something that used to kind of surprise me. but now, it has become routine. now the people who believe in her and support her and admire her, all it does is fire them up. so i say to those people, keep it up, we don't care any more. but it is really a phenomena to me. i'm sure that -- well it is so unfair and unjust that it is hard for me to talk about it. but, she is doing what they fear the most and that's having an impact on the american political scene and there's lots of americans that like her a lot. sean senator good to see you. enjoy your big global warming storm. we'll have more on this and believe it or not, people claiming that the global warming is causing this massive snow. we turn to syndicated columnist mark stein. good to see you. thank you for being with us.
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>> good to be with you sean. >> sean: your reaction to doug wilder's comments? >> i think it is very interesting. he's really, he and other serious democrats are tiptoeing on the process the rest of us got into two or three years ago. the king is a failure so you can't blame the king you blame his court. these four chicago guys in the end, you can't stick them with the blame for what's happened in last year, because the president is the guy who hired them. also, it's the president's policies that have been disastrous for his popularity. >> sean: does anyone get fired? should anybody get fired in your estimation? >> i think so. when you have robert gibbs doing his dismal little hand joke in front of the press corp as he did the other day, this is a man who is a bafoon and he's representing the chief executive of the global
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super power. he's not helping the president. the president is not helping himself by keeping him and these three other chicago guys, you know go back to that corpsman thing they are the corpsmen. the four of the obama -- the they are only people that he knew because he didn't know anyone apart from guys from his economic economic machine. >> sean: on a day ironically he's doing this with his hand attacking governor palin the same date president saying it is too contentious in washington and we got to have a dialogue. democrats are blaming rahmbo dead fish, for the health care we book cull, paul crudman saying obama is clueless and america is doomed. is the left turning on the anointed one? >> yes, i think so. the reality is of course, that he had no executive experience. you said that, i said that at the time. people mocked, as they still
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do, sarah palin because she only had run a state and town and a commercial fishing operation. i said at the time, i reprised the old jesse jackson line that barack obama hadn't run nothing but his mouth. for the first time in his life he has to get up in the morning, get into the office at 9:00 in the morning and make executive decisions. and he's never had to do that! the only job he ever really had was a harvard law review. i gather he breezed in a couple of days a week and glad-handed a couple of people and breezed out again. he's never had to do a job and make executive decisions. and he's hopeless at them. >> sean: wilder is right. but i don't see anything but arrogance, willingness to admit their faults in this rigid ideology he adheres to. we've got in billboard in minnesota with the picture of george w. bush, do you miss me yet? and nancy pelosi earlier today laughed off the idea that she may not be speaker of the
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house in a year from now. out of touch? >> i think there's a bunker mentality setting in. incidentally, if you wanted to elect the first black president a guy like doug wilder is the guy you should elect. a guy who has been governor. a guy who has had a job. he must recognize that it is patently absurd having an unqualified man not up to the job and has let far left people like nancy pelosi and harry reid, these aren't fringe people they are central to the democratic party leadership, runaway with his an yen . it has been disastrous for him. >> sean: mark sfyn, thanks for being here. >> lots more to come this hour. here is a sneak peek. new poll signals the end of the of arrogance in 2010. >> you can argue these storms
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are not evident of a lack of global warming but are evidence of global warming. >> sean: snowmageddon rocks the northeast. robert gibbs' comedy routine backfires in a huge way. moderates turn on prince harry during a critical senate vote. are there cracks in the democrats' majority? alec baldwin bakhtiar getting sarah palin. michelle malkin much more hannity straight ahead.
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>> sean: snow has shutdown the government costing you 100 million dollars each day. it could cover 93,000 social security payments, 1,000 federal salaries, 667 body scanners for airports or 40 more ridiculous super bowl ads for the census bureau. sounds like global warming could save you the american taxpayer a lot of money now. [ female announcer ] now multigrain pops.
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>> sean: tonight it appears that your america wants a change. new poll signals the age of arrogance could come to an abrupt end come 2010. if the midterm elections were held today 48% would rote for the republican candidate in their district. only 45% say they would vote democrat. all of this slightly stems from the overwhelming dissatisfaction that americans have with the democrat-controlled res whooping 71% of those polled disapprove of congress that is the highest that number has been since the republican revolution in 19994. president obama's stock has fallen since the spring and summer. he now holds only a five point lead over republicans in congress on issues from the
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economy to terrorism. at one time he a 37 point advantage on those issues. the tides appear to be turning joining me with analysis sandra smith and republican strategist alice stewart. what happened? the anointed one, kumbaya, change, change, obama! yes we can! >> i think the key is one of the numbers significant is trust. people have lost trust in president obama. he campaigned on the prom of openness, bipartisanship, transparency and he's not delivering. the only thing worse than a broken promise is a broken economy and health care system, which is what we have. >> he's not living up to expectations. what is the first thing that president or the administration points to? look at the mess we talked into. how about managing expectations. when you've got the american people discontent with everything that has happened since they walked into office that is wrongly managing
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expectations. >> sean: i interviewed rush limbaugh i went to palm beach, rush said, yes if he is going to advocate socialism, yes i want him to fail. created a huge controversy. repeated it on his radio show. after his first year has failed. his policies have failed. the american people see it. he doesn't seem to see it, why? >> because he's not listening to the people of america. last summer when we had health care debates americans were told it is unamerican to speak up, sit down and shut up. obama is telling republican members of congress, sit down, shut up on the surface have bipartisan talks he's going to strong arm them into accepting the health care plan and people across the country fed up we saw them in massachusetts, virginia and in other states. >> easy for the president to talk about the jobs created, manufacturing rising, production going up. this poll revealed 88% of americans say the recession is
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not over. clear and present the american people aren't feeling the recovery that the administration keeps talking about. >> sean: even cnn has a poll out saying the obama administration continues to count jobs that do not exist. they raise the debt ceiling 1.9 trillion. article on bloomberg news, america may lose its aaa death rating. social security, now because of the obama recession, debt and deficits, it is near bankruptcy now. >> now the president is trying to play right into the hands of the american voter on wall street. what did he do? started by calling the big wall street ceos fat cats. what is he calling them today he's refering to jamie dimon assaf very businessman now he says he doesn't be grudge the wall street bonuses. now he's doing whatever he can to feed into the minds of the american people. >> we have washington fat cats
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getting money from in bailout. we have a 9.7% unemployment rate and he promised it wouldn't get near 10% and we've been hovering around there. >> sean: the most frightening is, this news broke yesterday, china now, china's military is saying, okay we don't like the fact that america is going to sell missiles and military equipment to taiwan. the military is saying, fine we are going to dump their bonds on the open market. with that -- we are that beholding to china they are going to use it as a military weapon to punish the united states? >> seriously so. that is only starting to come to fruition this is another thing that is going to play into the voters saying they disapprove of what is happening this is going to start coming to light as more and more of that happens. >> china or any of these foreign countries, need to show our strength economically in terms of energy independence and become self-reliant on issues. >> sean: i think this is important.
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obama wants a deficit commission. obama wants to sit with republicans on health care because he failed in pushing his plan in getting democrats to go along with his plan. i think republicans are foolish if they go along with this. republicans gotta say you had the year, you had congress you blew it, it is now time for conservative victory 2010 politically speaking. >> even if that means they have to go to the table with president obama in the spirit of bipartisanship. >> sean: why? >> because they can't be accused of not being open to the discussions. >> this is time for republicans to step up and show how they can be fiscally conservative and how they can make the economy and jobs a priority. certainly, the american people don't want the socialist agenda shoved down their throats any more. >> sean: thank you both. robert gibbs still making corny jokes. the white house press corp not laughing any more. what happened?
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we have that story, michelle malkin coming up, straight ahead. what is it about slow baking that makes cinnamon so enticing? how can something that comes to you frozen taste so fresh? does luscious, dark chocolate feed you or your soul? and why do cookies taste so good when nestled in fluted cups? pepperidge farm. good is in the details.
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>> sean: tonight in hannity's america it appears robert gibbs' sudden charm has run its course with the press corp or as the president might see the corps people. 24 hours after his lame
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attempt at mocking governor palin a study reveals that gibbs' jokes are falling flat more often in the briefing room. back in may the briefings were interrupted more than 10 times a day by laughter in recent months the number of laughs cut in half. according to one white house reporter, robert's little digs and evasions have lost their power to amuse. reporters know how close the press secretary is to the president yet the quality of information we get does not reflect that robert sounds like the jig is up. the jig may also be up for arlen specter. we know how much he loves polls. he switched parties because of them. remember this: >> public opinion polls observed other public opinion polls and have found that the prospects for winning a republican primary are bleak. i'm not prepared to have my 29
9:26 pm
year record in the united states senate decided by the pennsylvania republican primary electorate. >> sean:'s it turns out specter's fate will be decided by the pennsylvania electorate at large and its prospects in 2010 not looking good latest rasmussen poll shows him trailing the challenger by nine points, 47 to 38%. mr. senator i think that is something they like to call, karma. tonight's meltdown brought to you by global warming alarmist growing more desperate with record snowfalls and freezing temperatures along the mid atlantic. some searching for new ways to spend climate change -- to spin their climate change theories.
9:27 pm
>> snow an lips and other events are -- apocalypse and other events are what scientists have been anticipating because of global warming. you can argue these storms are evidence of a lack of global warming but are evidence of global warming. >> sean: all right. "time" magazine doing its part to advance al gore's agenda: there's some evidence that climate change could make such massive snow storms more common even as the world continues to warm. it is such a shame there are thousands without power up and down the east coast tonight who are not able to hear this message thanks to all the "warming." finally, looks like everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to mock the tea party movement. even marvel comics getting in on the act. one of the company's recent captain america cartoons makes one of those old tired tea bag jokes. you can see the sign circled in red on your screen.
9:28 pm
in the cartoon captain america and another character the falcon stumble on the rally depicted on the screen. the falcon jokes angry white folks wouldn't welcome him there. very funny. the comic's writer told fox news that marvel has vowed to remove the tea bag reference in the future. no word whether they will keep the jab at those angry white folks that is the news from hannity's america. coming up, "the new york times" has printed an article on the scandal surrounding the u.n.'s top climate change panel. you won't believe what they had to say we have that in 90 short seconds. and michelle malkin, straight ahead. when you take away all the canned chicken broth that adds msg, one stands alone. the secret is swanson 100% natural chicken broth.
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>> sean: the narcotic time has broken its silence on climate change. the times says facing scrutiny from climate skeptics, right leaning politicians and mainstream scientists. unmentioned the left leaning u.k. guardian and the entire country of india which founded its own body to monitor climate change. the times just right wing conspiracy, isn't it always?
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>> sean: another obama nominee has bitten the dust. this time craig becker a labor lawyer one of the president's nominees to the national labor relations board.
9:33 pm
the senate yesterday blocked a vote on his nomination by 52-3 . 60 votes were -- 52-33, 60 votes were required. all 40 republicans joined against him joined by nelson and lincoln. becker heavily backed by unions and now the president of the afl/cio is pushing the president to use a recess appointment to get becker back in the game. democratic defections on this vote signal a crack in the armor of the democratic majority or was this another radical nominee hose failure was predestined? joining me michelle malkin. welcome back. first of all, no surprise, this guy pretty radical background. you have been following the story. are you surprised by the vote? >> well, i think that ben nelson and blanche lincoln the democrats that joined the republicans in torpedoing this nomination have seen the light.
9:34 pm
once again we are reaping the dividends of the massachusetts miracle, scott brown of course, also joining the republicans in voting down this nomination. just a little history about craig becker and how radical he is. not only was he backed by the other big labor he worked for seiu he was their chief attorney and has been on record for years talking about wanting to sabotage the regular rules of democracy when it comes to union elects. this guy would have carried water for card check. the big labor agenda item of andy stern and the other big labor bosses to basically give a huge power grab in these union elections and take away the secret ballot from workers and sabotage workers' rights. this was a big defeat for big labor. the seiu and other big labor organizations that has donated million to the democrats are
9:35 pm
not going to relent that's why you are seeing the call for a recess appointment now. >> sean: here's what i don't tafpbd from a political point of view. the president's poll numbers are tanking. the democrats in real trouble. it is transparent why lincoln and nelson voted the way they did. trying to create the appearance they are more moderate than they are. where are people at the white house politically speaking, forget about their radicalism, after daschle, geithner, van jones and hole antigen things and all these other radicals, where is somebody saying to the president this is not the right guy at the right time heading into a midterm election. did you see what happened to massachusetts? where are those advisers? >> well they are not inside the white. they are not outside the white house. when you have andy stern as the most frequent visitor to 1600 pennsylvania, so much so
9:36 pm
he ought to set up a could the there and sleep overnight. there are none of these people who have their ear to the ground and who are in touch. after the massachusetts election it was clear these people still did not get it, sean. that's why you will have them persist. they owe big labor, big time. even now, the latest buzz on the hill s somehow they are gonna cram the card check legislation into the jobs bill that has been one of the rumors on capitol hill. that and legislation -- that legislation is something none of us will have seen by the time they voted on it. there's a draft floating around. another big legislative christmas tree crammed with payoffs we saw with the health care bill last december. so no, they don't exist sean. rational voices do not exist there. karl rove made a good point. he said usually the state of the union we saw, what justice alito saying not true when the
9:37 pm
president stated about the recent supreme court decision, it was the supreme court justice that was right. the president was wrong. you would think that somebody that read that script prior to that speech would have informed the president he was wrong. not only in attack the supreme court justice and the supreme court, but on the facts he was wrong. so, i really don't know, you know what is going on there. does somebody need to be fired? does rahmbo need to go, the guy near, holder need to go? do you see mass firings in the future? >> fish rots from the head down. the corruption rots from the head down. this lies at the feet of the commander in chief. if anyone needs to be fired of course it is barack obama who is responsible for all of these botched nominations. for all the radicalism for refusing to list don't american people. the opportunity to do that is coming up fairly soon. >> sean: i think a big message could be sent in november.
9:38 pm
for those that don't understand the importance of elections this going to be one of the most important medicine term elections in our lifetime this is not hyperbole i'm not overstating the case. here's my next question. the last few nights, we showed in one speech the president using the term corpsman. instead of navy corpsman three times. so much was made in the media about governor palin having seven words on her hand before her tea party convention speech in nashville. we back in the archives this is not the first time he said corpsman. you put it on your website this is back in october of 2009 the president it wrong then. roll tape. >> the president: at this very moment, pilots and air crews around the world, navy corpsman, on the ground in afghanistan. >> sean: my point is, --
9:39 pm
[ laughing ] >> sean: it's funny the media may not pay attention you are the commander in chief you ought to know that it is corpsman. >> he made that mispronounciation in front of the corpsmen at the graduation ceremony last fall. a leader -- a reader who sent that video made the point it is galling this is somebody who is a former soldier there was nobody among his staff this goes to your point about where is the staff people to keep him onboard. there was nobody who corrected him between the time he mispronounced it in october and the time he mispronounced it last week. what does it tell you about how out of touch this man is with the military? there are enough double standards between how he's been treated and how sarah palin has been treated to fill an entire football stadium or graduation ceremony for that matter. >> sean: maybe a new book by michelle malkin at some point the unfair treatment of
9:40 pm
conservative women in america. how is that? i think that would be a best seller. >> i would write that one in a day, sean. >> sean: michelle malkin, appreciate it. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back the great, great, great, american panel. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every business da bank of america lends nearly $3 billionollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. ♪ growing stronger. every day.
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. >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. former adviser to senate majority leader soon to be eczema majority leader harry reid and former communications director for ed rendell, opinion any lee. growing gutfeld. -- greg gutfeld and rich lowry is back with you us. it is still snowing mixed with sleet and rain. >> i think they call it a
9:45 pm
wintry mix is the technical term. >> sean: blizzard in d.c., baltimore gets slammed. fill any gets whacked where governor rendell is often at. the "new york times" tomorrow is gonna claim the blizzards are from the warming. what they are gonna say from the story is most scientists respond to the ferocious storms that are consistent with forecasts that a heating planet will produce more frequent, more intense weather events. the if it rains it is called warming if it doesn't, if it snows it is. volcano, earthquake, >> it is awesome. this is the death knell of the climate change worm. it is over, ever since the conference, since the scandal it is over you are watching desperation in motion, i love it! i can't wait. these guys are going to be out
9:46 pm
of jobs working at arby's! >> you wonder why he's a ratings leader. we were making snow men outside me and o'reilly just made a snowman. >> sean: did you put buttons on the nose? >> yes. >> it has become a nonverify able theory. the lack of snow d.c. is dead proof of global warming. now you have the blizzard "time" magazine had a piece on its website floating the same idea blizzards are caused by global warming. whatever the evidence they will shake it up and say it is global warming. >> sean: everything is caused by global warming. the reality s the last five years the earth's temperatures are cooling. >> no it has been warming in the last decade. >> sean: no, they have not. >> i've said this before, i am not -- [ talking over each other ] >> i am someone that believes
9:47 pm
in making sure we develop all the energy we need to develop. growing up in alaska i've seen the affects of global warming. our earth is warming. there's a difference between climate and weather. there is a difference. >> sean: wait a minute. they've had in cities 61 inches! >> and i used to grow up 50 below. we are warming. >> let's stick up for penny. >> thank you. >> both sides do this. one weather event does not tell you one way or another. liberals do it too. al gore did it with a hurricane. supposedly all these category 5 hurricanes were going to hit the u.s. forever more because of global warming. now he's had these quiet hurricane seasons does that prove global warming doesn't exist? it is foolishness. >> there may be a warming trend but it is nothing compared to the previous warming trends before men were making cars and driving them.
9:48 pm
we remember the hockey stick, turned out to be a -- >> sean: the serious side, let's say the science is in dispute. let's say we do know that the global warming historyia. the alarm -- hysteria, the alarmists manufactured e-mails they've been lying to the public. s have been using that. that was going to cost the average american families 3,000 jobs we have to outsource. >> i don't think the i was the right bill to pass. >> sean: the point is they are using the false science. >> we do need to who have to energy independence. >> sean: you for drilling, nuclear power. >> absolutely. >> sean: refineries? >> absolutely. >> sean: you in the wrong party. >> i am not. you her the president in his state of the union address.
9:49 pm
[ talking over each other ] >> he wants carbon sequestration in the coal plants. >> the point here sean these are people who want to tax and regulate any way. global warming has always been a convenient excuse for them to try to do that. they will keep pushing the agenda no matter whether global warming is real or not. >> you can agree in our economy going forward to be able to create solar power, wind power these are job as that we can create here in america [ talking over each other ] >> making energy prices higher for everyone else. why would you do that, foolish. >> it is a corrupt ideology based on government expansion and they got found out and now they are running scared. >> sean: you summed that up very well. no wonder why you are killing cnn primetime. more with our great, great
9:50 pm
american panel. obama flip-flopped on bonuses on wall street and we have a shocking video of the teenaged girl beaten at at a bus terminal and three guards stand and watch. we'll show you that straight ahead. we do more than just answer phones. we give you peace of mind. i have diabetes like a lot of us here, so we understand. compassion. patience. you'll find it anytime you call. our customers say we're number one.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. president flip-flops again. apparently he doesn't be grudge the time for profits is coming but not now remember he once said that? now he doesn't be grudge the 17 million dollar bonus awarded to jpmorgan chase the nine million dollars to the goldman sachs executive. although it is an extraordinary amount for main street they are baseball players, blah, blah. what happened to the man who attacked wealth? is it that maybe he sees tax revenues? maybe rich people that buy yachts and go to restaurants and spend money in vegas and elsewhere -- >> what they need is a financial regulation they need the president to step up and lead. the house has put together a package -- [ talking over each other ] >> the system is broken. what they need to do --
9:55 pm
>> sean: why did he flop -- why did he flip on bonuses? >> he was saying he doesn't want to punish those that have made the capital. but in is excessive we newses. >> if you think it is about more government revenue. one these guys are his friends.iwjx so crony capitalism. two, i wouldn't be surprised if he is thinking about donations and contributions from wall street many despite all the stereotypes, barack obama pulled a huge enormous amount of cam taken cash out of wall street. >> sean: he makes, cynical as it is and conspirator cal perhaps, dead on. >> you can't be a hero to the left and a hero to wall street that's like dating a hot chick and a hobo, it doesn't work. sooner or later you are going to get found out.
9:56 pm
>> sean: you are a real word smith. >> dating a hobo? >> i have pictures i can show you. sean >> 20 years ago, we won't get into it here. >> i will say for them to change to go to a stock only instead of a out bonuses that is something that only the administration -- [ talking over each other ] >> compensation had nothing to do with the crisis. these were not guys making short term bets for thane own gain they believed in their bad bets. they were genuinely foolish. >> these are excessive amounts. [ talking over each other ] >> this drives me crazy. when you think of if you see a horrible crime takes place, i don't care on the street, neighbors screaming for help, you are going to help. we have this video, we are going to run this. kids may not want to see this. literally, we a teenaged girl
9:57 pm
beaten at a seattle bus terminal as three security guards stand and watch this the group had threatened the girl, surround her, they knew this girl, victim, security guards warning she being followed, they do nothing this girl was beaten unconscious. >> they are only allowed to obvious and report. those guys observed the hel will be out of that if you can't as a human being step in what good are you? i'm disgusted by these people. they got to be punished. >> sean: i don't want to recommend suicide. >> i meant that metaphorically. kill yourself with sorrow. >> sean: where is the soul, the conscience? >> a couple of decades ago you could have told these guys it is against the rules and they would have ignored the rules.
9:58 pm
now it is a different time. >> we saw this the other time in chicago when you had the street fight out there with the school kids. this is horrible. and this is awful. this is something i can't imagine you observe and watch and not step in bar barism at its worth. >> sean: obama is going to blame george bush for this. >> childhood obesity is more important than violence. >> sean: isn't everything bush's fault? >> please, no. >> sean: something gets pregnant bush's fault, dog bites, bee stings, that's bush's fault. >> i don't think you are going to see president obama sash sash >> sean: are we at the end of blaming bush for everything? when will it become their responsibility, give me a
9:59 pm
date? >> you had ronald reagan two years on his second state of the union address, >> did you see that segue interest a girl fight to blaming bush. >> he is the master. you are the master. >> sean: left all right last question. republicans take back house and senate? >> they certainly take back the house i shouldn't say certainly, really good chance. democrats have effectively lost the house. the question over the next nine months is whether they can pull it back. >> sean: house and senate? >> house in play, senate i don't think so. >> i was going to say senate, not the house but that's me. >> what was that hobo? >> sean: if you introduce penny and lowry how would you do it on your show? >> she is so hot the sun calls her fordv


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